Double Wall Chimney

Factory built double wall chimney is ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications which require a listed chimney system.

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  1. UL Listed to UL Standard 103, UL103HT, CAN/ULC S-629-M87 and ULC/ORD-C959-1993
  2. Duct sections are constructed of an inner wall and outer wall with insulation in between - inner duct is Single Wall (DW Series) and outer shell is stainless steel
  3. Inner duct diameters range from 8" to 16"
  4. Model 2R Type HT available for Negative Pressure Industrial or Commercial Appliances
  5. Rated for continuous operation at 1000 degrees F and intermittent operation at 2100 degrees F in United States
  6. Rated for continuous operation at 600 degrees F and intermittent operation at 2100 degrees F in Canada


The Double Wall Ductwork Series has been certified by UL. This certification mark indicates that the product has been tested to and has met the minimum requirements of a widely recognized (consensus) U.S. Product safety standard, that the manufacturing site has been audited, and that the applicant has agreed to a program of periodic factory follow-up inspections to verify continued performance.

Model DW-2R Type HT is UL Listed under file number MH60233 and complies with UL103, UL103HT, CAN/ULC-S629-M87, and ULC/ORD-C959-1993.


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