CASLink Monitor + Control

RuppAir’s proprietary building management system gives users complete control over HVAC, lighting, and utilities from any internet-connected location. CASLink is available on select RuppAir products and provides unlimited data storage and system monitoring with NO MONTHLY FEE.

CASLink allows for facility monitoring from any location. HVAC units may be managed through scheduling and remote set point control, blocked and/or limited thermostat programming, and prevented equipment operation during unoccupied times. Lighting control allows for autonomous lighting operation and scheduling of up to eight lighting zones. Building pressures, indoor air quality (CO2), and utilities can all be closely monitored as well.

CASLink’s real-time monitoring and data feedback makes it easy to continuously ensure facility equipment is operating as designed. Considerable savings are achieved by practicing preventative maintenance rather than reactive maintenance, and service work is easily verified by comparing notes with actual data.

Real-time alerts ensure equipment managers can quickly recognize and prevent potential problems. Issues can be diagnosed before a service technician is called, and settings can be changed remotely to eliminate costly service visits.

CASLink’s cloud-based data storage is automatically encrypted to ensure security, and is stored long-term for historical analysis through the user-friendly CASLink web interface. Data reports can be easily exported and accessed from any internet-connected location.

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  1. 24/7 HVAC, lighting, utility, building pressure, and indoor air quality monitoring from any internet-connected location
  2. User-friendly web interface
  3. Unlimited, free, encrypted cloud-based data storage
  4. Data transmission optimized to minimize bandwidth and flexible internal communication settings to allow compatibility with firewalls
  5. Access permissions settings vary the level of control by user
  6. Auto-generated, real-time alerts for each piece of equipment; custom alerts available at no additional cost
  7. Advanced data analysis: Extensive data and visual charts, monthly or quarterly reports as desired (e.g., energy analysis, HVAC performance, etc.)
  8. Easy installation: Simply activate the cellular connection and have all CAS products on CASlink