With over 10,000 make-up air units sold annually, RuppAir understands the needs and requirements of our customers. We stand behind our systems, bringing 50 years of experience, unparalleled customer service and expert application support to each unique configuration.

RuppAir is uniquely qualified to handle the needs of contractors. With six US based manufacturing plants strategically located across the country, you are never far from RuppAir distribution. RuppAir prides itself on exceptional lead times: 3-5 days on exhaust fans, 5-10 days on modular lines and packaged cooling, and 4-6 weeks on heavy duty industrial units. Standardized production processes and high volume manufacturing ensure competitive pricing and rigorous quality evaluations. RuppAir is committed to helping you meet your deadlines and your budget on time, every time.

All RuppAir products come with a two year standard limited warranty. RuppAir’s nationwide service team is ready to assist with all of your onsite service needs. Standard parts are stocked on service trucks, ensuring that service visits are efficient and lead times are short. Find your local service technician here or call (800) 291-2452 for Technical Support.


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Vertical Industrial Direct Fired Heater (CFA)

Vertical Industrial Direct Fired Recirculating Heater (CFA-M)

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