Frequently Asked HVLS Fan Questions

QWhat is tubercle technology tm and what are its advantages?

ATubercle TechnologyTM is a sustainable power breakthrough which allows a new generation of turbines, compressors, pumps and fans to deliver previously impossible levels of performance.

Tubercle TechnologyTM blades outperform all conventional air foils. No other blade can deliver stall angles as high as 22 degrees. No other blade always stalls gradually. No other blade can eliminate span-wise pumping (the primary cause of efficiency loss in all rotating systems). No other blade can eliminate tip stalling (the primary cause of blade noise and damaging vibration).

Tubercle TechnologyTM blades dramatically increase the efficiency and stability of RuppAir HVLS fans. Five blades can do the work of ten, noise is less than 1/5th of the noise produced by conventional fans and 20% less power is consumed.

QWhat kind of maintenance do hvls fans require?

ADepending on the environment, HVLS blades should be cleaned once or twice a year. Mechanical connections and electrical connections in the fan controller and motor should be checked annually for proper tension. The oil level in the gear reducer should be checked once per year to ensure the level is within tolerances, but this may vary depending on heat levels and time of operation.

QDoes the fan create negative or positive pressure in a structure?

AThe fan does not create negative or positive pressure as it only moves air.

QWho will install hvls fans?

AIn most cases the customer prefers to install their own fan; however, an installer can be recommended.

QWhat is the warranty?

ARuppAir offers a lifetime warranty on the blades and hub and a limited three year warranty on the gear reducer, motor and fan controller.

QWhat is the cost to operate an hvls fan?

APennies per hour.