Frequently Asked MPU Questions

QWhat are the primary applications for the modular packaged unit?

AThe MPU is designed to be a factory packaged air conditioning unit with optional gas or electric heat for 100% outdoor air (OA) applications with mild tempering requirements, namely dedicated kitchen make-up air. Other applications include areas where overheating is a concern (e.g. corridors or mechanical rooms).

QThis unit is unlike any that i've seen. how does it compare to competitive options?

AThe MPU is different by design; comparing it to specific competition would be like comparing apples to oranges. Some of the standout features and benefits of the Modular Packaged Unit include:

  • High efficiency SEER 14 condensers.
  • A unique, specifiable system that offers 100% outdoor air with highly efficient direct fired heating in a packaged unit.
  • Top mounted condensers minimize space requirements (unit footprint).
  • Full factory control over the location of cooling components helps with ease of servicing and maintenance. Top mounted condensers are pre-piped, and charged refrigeration circuits minimize potential field service issues, unlike split systems.
  • Designed separate power drop for condenser, so that variable frequency drives (VFDs) can be utilized for demand ventilation without interfering with the signal to the condenser.

QThe units have top mounted condensers. should i be concerned abour excessive vibration or exposure to the elements?

AThe MPU will emit little to no vibration based on extensive testing. With the heavy gauge rail system for structural integrity and the integral weather/hail guard, the elements are not a concern.

QHow does operating cost compare against other methods?

AFor kitchen make-up air, the MPU offers significant operating cost savings over other approaches to exhaust replacement. The MPU provides dedicated make-up air with mild tempering and spot cooling to offset radiant heat from appliances for the cook's comfort. Since the air is being used primarily for capture and containment of effluent, using a singular packed HVAC unit to fully condition the air used for dedicated exhaust replacement would be a highly inefficient method with an exorbitant amount of wasted energy. Restaurants are one of the most energy intensive applications per the Electric Research Institute, so evaluating our energy efficiency is especially imperative.

QHow is cooling energized?

AThe cooling thermostat allows the cooling circuit to energize when the outside air rises above the set point. The MPU has a 2-stage, differential thermostat. One set point energizes a cooling circuit where the thermostat has been set and the second stage energizes at a factory setting of 10° (F) higher (adjustable). This allows for greater energy efficiency of the system.

QIs the MPU easy to install? what are the field requirements?

AThe ease of install of the MPU is one of its most appealing features. The unit comes pre-piped and charged with refrigerant, the cooling thermostat comes pre-wired and is interlocked with the unit, the TXV and filter drier are included and the unit is vacuum tested and leak checked at the factory prior to shipment. There are some basic procedures outlined in the operating manual with regard to equipment start-up and double checking suction and liquid temperature and pressure, but overall, the MPU is very easy to install.

QShould i be concerned about condenser cycling?

ANo. The unit is designed to energize cooling based on ambient conditions only and is not meant for space comfort conditioning. The main intent is to provide moderate spot cooling for the cook and help alleviate the load on the HVAC system.

QShould i be concerned about coil freeze up?

ANo, not for the application for which the MPU is designed. The MPU serves ambient conditions only and the size of each coil is based on 360-600 CFM/ton, depending on entering air conditions.