Hot Water Coil Module

This modular hot water coil housing has been designed so that there is easy access to either side of the coil. Oversized doors offer plenty of room through which to clean and maintain the coil from either side of the housing. Blank off plates secure the coil and help maintain velocity across the coil.

Modular design also lends itself to easier installations since modules bolt together on location. Heating applications are most commonly used in hot fluid systems for comfort conditioning of a forced air stream and in process systems for drying processes. The collector header design with internal baffles provides circuiting flexibility while eliminating the need for return bends, while the splayed header design uses return bends for circuiting in lieu of a collection header. The term "splayed" means that the coil headers are offset outward from the coil tubes. The splayed header coil always has same end connections.

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  1. Fully removable access doors on both sides of the housing
  2. Coil connections protrude from the housing making installation easier
  3. Housing constructed from G90 galvanized steel
  4. Blank off plates secure the coil and maintain velocities
  5. Easy bolt together modular design allows you to improve installation times, modules are smaller and lighter than standard all in one units
  6. Coil tubes are .020 copper
  7. Two coil rows
  8. Fins are made from .0075 aluminum
  9. Galvanized steel casing
  10. 2.000 MPT carbon steel connections
  11. Vents and drains are standard on all coils


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