Modulating Electric Heat Module

This electric heat module has been designed so that there is easy access to either side of the electric coil. Over sized doors offer plenty of room to clean and maintain the electric coil from either side of the housing.

The modular design lends itself to an easier installation since modules bolt together on the jobsite location. Electric heater modules are used for tempering make-up air for installations requiring frequent air changes. The units are rated up to 257KW with voltages and phases to meet all electrical requirements. The heaters are intended for indoor or outdoor installations in commercial kitchens, factories, foundries and similar commercial and industrial occupancies.

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  • Air Volume: 400 – 22,000 cfm
  • Maximum SP: 3" wg. @ standard air density
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  1. G90 galvanized steel
  2. Modular design
  3. SCR with modulating control
  4. 120 volt control transformer, with single point electrical connection
  5. Controls for stand alone or integrated operations
  6. Electric coil safety equipment
  7. Insulated housing
  8. Access doors on both sides of the unit
  9. Lifting points
  10. Airflow proving switch
  11. Temperature control system
  12. Coil observation port
  13. High temperature limit


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