Mixing Box

This modular mixing box has been designed so that there is easy access to either side of the housing. Over sized doors offer plenty of room through which to clean and maintain dampers, linkage and actuators. The mixing box is designed to reduce energy cost by recirculating tempered air. The tempered air is mixed with fresh air, using the controls listed below. Building static pressure control allows the dampers to be adjusted to an infinite number of positions, maintaining building static pressure. Manual potentiometers allow individuals to set the damper actuator to an infinite number of positions. Electric 2-position control is used to open or close the damper.

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  1. Up to 22,000 CFM
  2. Return and fresh air damper common linkage
  3. Single damper actuator
  4. Building static pressure control option
  5. Electric 2-position control option
  6. Manual potentiometer control option
  7. G90 galvanized steel
  8. Easy access to both sides of the mixing box making maintenance on the dampers and controls easier


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