Total Heat System

RuppAir’s unique Total Heat System is the most efficient heating option for commercial and industrial applications, including airplane hangars, distribution centers, sports stadiums, factories, and warehouses. The Total Heat System continuously introduces variable amounts of fresh air over a nearly 100% efficient direct fired burner and recirculates unused heated air to eliminate cold drafts and stratification and create a positive space pressure. The Total Heat System is the best choice for year round comfort and energy savings. When combined with HVLS fan technology, cost savings and comfort are even greater.

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  1. Heavy duty G-90 galvanized steel construction
  2. Single point electrical connection with factory mounted disconnect
  3. Single point gas connection
  4. Factory mounted controls and accessories
  5. Energy efficient economizer thermostat automatically locks out the burner on mild days
  6. Flexible design for horizontal or vertical configuration; suitable for indoor or outdoor mounting
  7. Up to 30:1 turndown ratio
  8. 100,000 hour greasable bearings (models 18 and up)
  9. Insulated vestibule doors
  10. Integral unit safeties are factory mounted and pre-wired
  11. Low fire start
  12. Service switches
  13. Gas pressure gauges
  14. No exhaust flues as required on indirect fired units


  1. Temperature Controls: constant space temperature control with remote panel (403M), constant space temperature control with night setback capability and remote panel (404M), or signal conditioner for control by others (e.g. building automation system)
  2. Return Air Damper Controls: Static pressure controller with sensing tubes, electric 2-position, manual potentiometer, or building automation control
  3. Filtration: EZ kleen metal mesh, pleated MERV8, or pleated MERV13
  4. Intake hood with birdscreen
  5. Roof curb or vertical mounting stand
  6. Inlet or outlet motorized shut-off dampers
  7. Discharge air diffuser
  8. Casing insulation with steel liner
  9. GFI convenience outlet
  10. Clogged filter switch with light
  11. Duct mount smoke detector
  12. N.O. contacts on supply starter
  13. Extended grease lines
  14. Pre-purge timer
  15. Low temperature cutout
  16. Downturn inlet hood for high winds
  17. FM or IRI approved gas train
  18. Hanging springs or floor mount isolators
  19. Spring isolated blower and motor (horizontal series)


  1. ETL tested and certified
  2. Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 minimum efficiency requirements
  3. Meets ANSI Z83.18 emissions requirements
  4. Meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation requirements of 0.06 CFM/square foot of fresh air
  5. Complies with International Mechanical Code and the ACGIH Handbook