With over 10,000 make-up air units sold annually, RuppAir understands the needs and requirements of our customers. We stand behind our systems, bringing 50 years of experience, unparalleled customer service and expert application support to each unique configuration.

RuppAir is fully committed to efficiently maximizing energy consumption in order to increase your return on investment. RuppAir specializes in warehouse/big box applications where large spaces require efficient heating and ventilation. RuppAir prides itself on close partnerships with building owners and developers to provide sustainable design for all types of unique building applications and needs.


Case Studies:

HVLS Savings Example

HVLS Return on Investment:

Five year return on investment of HVLS paired with indirect heating system at 80% efficiency:

Space Size (Feet)

Width 150
Length 200
Height 30
Space Area (Sq. Ft.) 30000

Fan Information

Size (Diameter) 24'
Quantity 1
Horse Power 2
% Floor Coverage (Winter) 100%
% Floor Coverage (Summer) 33%

Insulation Data

Wall R Value 8
Ceiling R Value 12

Temperature Data

Winter Inside Temperature 76
Heating Degree Days 5000

Job Site Information

Heating System Efficiency Indirect Fired (80%)
Cost Per Therm ($) $0.81
Cost Per Kw-H ($) $0.12
Floor to Ceiling Temp. Difference 13

Savings Information

BTU Savings 41,938
Total Daily Fan Operating Cost $4.04
Daily Winter Savings $10.19
Estimated Annual Savings* $1,304.36
  • *These calculations are estimates and may not reflect actual performance.
  • *A destratified building is assumed to have a 2°F floor to ceiling temp. difference.
  • *Fan operating cost based on 230 volt supply.
  • *Estimated annual savings are inclusive of fan operating cost.
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